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Art and Yoga

Posted by Lisa on May 21, 2021 at 4:25 PM

Baroque Abstraction by Victoria Koursaros

This past week, I went to the inspiring art exhibit at The Gallery Space in Rahway called Going for Baroque. It is a collection by contemporary artists who have peices that are inspired by the Baroque period. I was moved by the colors, the shadow, the ingenuity and the many unique expressions. Then, I was inspired to sing, chant, write and practice yoga. This experience of art fueled my practice and my life.


Yoga has always been a healing practice for me as well as a creative practice. Each day I wake up with different thoughts, sensations and emotions. Each day my practice adjusts to my needs. For me, yoga in it’s highest form is like art; a living, breathing thing that takes me into the flow of the infinite.


I have had specific moments as an actress and a singer where I have plugged into this flow.


While singing scales in voice lesson, I was transported into a higher plane of consciousness. I was just singing vowels like a or u…interestingly, these are both vowels contained in the Om. Also interestingly, there is a practice in Nada Yoga that involves singing scales! I didn’t know that then!


There have been times onstage where I was plugged into a creative force. There was such a freedom in it, such a fierce aliveness. The thoughts of the past or the future were stilled to be present in, well, the present.


I also went to a school of music where everyone sang together in a huge symphonic choir and I definitely had these experiences while singing in the choir with 300 other voices as we made one sound together!


These are just a few examples of how I have accessed the state of yoga through different art forms.


What about you? What art forms inspire you? Have you been transported by music, singing, acting, writing, visual art or dance? How can it support your yoga practice and your life?


I encourage you to get inspired by art and take it into your practice. Explore something different and see how it can inspire you!


My primary art form is mantra and music:) I am creating a course for you to be able to access the power of sound creatively in your own practice. What would you like to learn about mantra and Sanskrit that can support you, your practice, your teaching or your unique creative voice?

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