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Why Sanskrit?

Posted by Lisa on June 4, 2021 at 1:25 PM

A few of you may know that I LOVE the ancient language of Sanskrit. Last week, I described one reason why. It really improved my confidence in my voice.


Even learning the basics, the alphabet can make a profound impact in your speech and your confidence. What a gift!!


But I also believe that it is important to include Sanskrit in yoga practice and yoga teaching. Why??


Sanskrit is the language of yoga. It has a mystical story around its beginnings (of course)! It is said that the language and the passages of the Vedas (Books of Wisdom) were transferred to the minds of the rishis (seers) who were in deep states of meditation.


Maybe you are down with this explanation and maybe you aren’t…BUT you have to experience Sanskrit for yourself to understand it’s unique power.


If you listen or even better, speak or chant the language, there is an energetic effect. Because this is experiential like all of yoga, you must try it to get a sense of what I mean.


It’s like a vehicle that transports you to other states of feeling and being. It can empower you when used one way, it can break your heart open when used another way and it can connect you to ultimate reality which is the great aim of Vedik Sanskrit and yoga in general: to yoke with the infinite.


It is a spiritually charged language that when included in the practice deepens and enriches the practice because it connects it to it’s 5000 (give or take) year old tradition that began (in sound) with the chanting of the mantras of the Vedas.

What do you want to learn around the Sanskrit language?

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