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Calm Within The Storm

Posted by Lisa on November 17, 2016 at 12:05 AM

Namaste Friends,

How can we keep peace within when the world is being turned upside down, when the country and friends and family seem to be in a deep division? After my initial reactions to the elections, I find myself drawing inward more. First, I have to find my center, my connection to Ultimate Reality and then I can take that connection outward. At the basis of the yoga practice is the tenant that we are all sparks of divine light, it is this spark, this luminosity that we all share. Even when hate is being spewed, there is a light underneath. It's trying to shine but its so clouded: with hate, mistrust, fear and the list goes on.

I have thought about things I have never considered and about people that sadly have been left behind in this country. How can this even be when the country has so much wealth? I actually am not sure the President Elect's policy's will help these people but now I think about how I can. How can I be of service to these people and others? This is a call to action for me. To dedicate myself to healing lives, helping others, AND standing up for what I believe is right. 

But what I needed and what I continue to need is to come within, every day, every single day, multiple times a day, to remind myself that I can rest in the ground of all existance.  I am part of the universal light of love. To help remind ourselves of this, I am posting an 8 minute video on my members page that is part of my hour long video called "Yoga + Mantra = Sonic Bliss Yoga." In it we go through a series of movements with mantras to ground us into the sacred earth and then flow like water with what we have been given. 

Click HERE to go to the members page, sign up to be a member for free and get the 8 minute video and another free video download on the power of Om.

At first, my reaction was through the filter of anger. Now, my actions will be through the filter of love. When you put out hate, hate comes back to you. Your words carry energy. As I relearn these lessons, I pray that my elected leaders in government do the same or I will be resisting powerfully but lovingly. Namaste and Om.

Mantra with Movement and Stillness

Posted by Lisa on September 28, 2016 at 2:30 PM

HAPPY FALL! I often get really busy during this season between my daughter being back at school and her activities starting up and a new season of workshop teaching and Sanskrit teaching for me. I keep my energy up with mantra combined with movement. Then, I take that into mantra without movement and finally silent repetition to pure silence. There are so many ways to use sound and mantra to support a full outer and inner life. By nature, we are in fullness always. We are part of universal fullness. We are both supported and guided by a fullness around us and in us. Mantra and movement helps me tap into the fullness principal of the moment. It helps me tap into a power around me, a support, It is really a reminder that I am never alone and always supported in partnership with the divine. In what ways do you use sound or mantra to help you? Leave a comment or a question below and check out the members section. Become a member and get free yoga and mantra videos to help support YOU!!

Being Grateful

Posted by Lisa on September 21, 2016 at 2:35 PM

I have been learning that being grateful is a practice. It's too easy for our ego to take hold of us and guide us into a sense of being in need or deserving of things we don't have. When we can be grateful for what we do have right now, it is so liberating. It is so fulfilling to look at all you have as gifts. While we were at Bhakti Fest a couple weeks ago, I had a beautiful Saturday morning that started with listening to Steve Gorn play bansuri flute and then a man named Sharanam lead us through some focusing practices including this one. This meditation practice begins with being grateful and then sends your spirit home to the present allowing you to taste your true nature and the divine force around you; to come hOMe. Try this when you first wake up, in the middle of the day or at night for 1-5 minutes and see how this can shift your perspective to FULLNESS. Let me know how this felt to do and if it made a difference for you. Leave your comments here!

My Journey to the Power of Sound

Posted by Lisa on August 17, 2016 at 12:35 AM

In this video blog, I share with you my journey to the power of sound and yoga. I mention a spiritual experience I had in a voice lesson while singing scales over 20 years ago. I had a feeling of expansiveness and peace and I seemed to float in this experience while singng the scales and a bit after. I realized that music had the power to uplift but in this experience I was opening up to realms and connecting with an "other" just through singing vowels with the tones of musical scales. This was an eye opening moment. It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I learned this is actually a spiritual practice in the more modern forms of the Nada Yoga tradition. In this practice, the different ragas or scales are used to affect your energy depending on the intervals between the notes. It also uses the Indian solfege called sargam. Both sargam and solfege use syllabels that have mystical connections. So, through sound, pitch, intervals and the meanings behind the syllables you can balance your energy and stay open to the mystery of life at any time of day or night. Find a scale you like and start on a comfortable pitch, it can even be the major scale of Western Music. This time while going up the scale use the syllables: SA RI GA MA PA DA NI SA and then going down the scale SA NI DA PA MA GA RI SA. First, hold the tone long for each note and notice where you feel the resonance or energy in your body. This is also a chakra balancing exercise and is something I share in my Nada Yoga Workshops.

What are the most powerful sound practices for you? Is it listening to music? Making music? Chanting Om or the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra? Share your journey with me. Namaste!! xoxo

Mantra and Asana-Moving to Bliss!

Posted by Lisa on August 8, 2016 at 3:05 PM


 Namaste and Happy Summertime to You! I am excited to start sharing some video blogs that were interviews I had with my teacher, Russill Paul. Today's topic: How did this connection between mantra and movement happen to me and why do it? For me this was a natural progression that all serves to open me to my divine light within and with the super magical power around me. I started sounding and moving about 5 years ago with vowels and motion, with seed syllables and motion and with forward bending and devotional chanting. The combination served to link me to my truth in deeper ways. The sound hightened the power of the movement and vice versa. I have always felt deeply moved by sound. In the video I talk about an experience I had as a child at maybe 8 years old having a spiritual experience listening to music. I had a mystical journey inward. It just happened without any effort, just surrendering to the sound. I couldn't put this experience into words at the time but embraced its power. As a teacher of yoga, I have always encorporated breathing, chanting and asana into my practice and teaching. Asana, always helps me release built up tension in my body and tap into freedom but when I couple it with sound I can tap into subtle but powerful energy in a deep way. This is what I call Sonic Bliss Yoga. I like to think of it as a BLISS SANDWICH!! Mantra helps my mind free up in order to stay in the now and experience the utter and complete joy of being alive! Asana helps my physical body free up, mantra helps my mind free up. The power of them together is electric as I am thrust into the present moment, letting things come and go and bowing to the blessings each moment affords. Chant and move, friends! Find the combination that works for YOU. What frees YOU up to experience the mystery of life?? Throughout the website I share videos for you to check out. And in the members section, I will continue to post short practice videos to join me on this Sonic Bliss Yoga journey. Jai!!

Embracing the Darkness

Posted by Lisa on December 12, 2012 at 9:50 AM

As we shift into the winter season, its easy to want to run from the cold dark days and fill ourselves with activities and stimulation. However, this is a wonderful time to really look inside using your inner vision. Take a few moments or more to sit or even lie down to breathe and listen, use a mantra and listen. When you feel your mind quiet just be, when it gets active go back to a mantra...Om perhaps or even Peace or Love....Start this in the morning and then take meditation breaks of a few moments throughout the day. This will help you to reconnect to your spirit. You will be as the lotus flower, digging its roots deep into the earth and nourishing itself in order to reach and grow and bloom up to the light. This is a time to get closer to the mystery of life. Then, amidst the holiday busyness we can share with others true PEACE from within.


Do not go to the garden of flowers!

O friend! go not there;

In your body is the garden of flowers.

Take your seat on the thousand petals of the lotus

And  there gaze on the Infinite

Beauty.  (Kabir)


Peace Out and Happy Holidays!

Cleansing the Mind

Posted by Lisa on December 10, 2011 at 9:15 AM

As I ready for the delights of the holiday season, I notice that very early on my mind gets very very active with some anxiety over the "to do" list which includes preparing for a kirtan. All good things to come but soooo much to do. For others, the holidays can bring on sadness, missing people and assessing where you are in life as the year ends. Your mind is very powerful which is why Pantanjali says in his yoga sutras, "Yogas Cittas Vritti Nirodhah." Yoga is the ending of the flux in the mind. But how do we get to that point??


One of my favorite ways to cleanse my very active mind is mantra recitation and chanting in general. Choose something that feels right to you. Om Namah Shivaya (Bowing to the power of change) Om Dum Durgayai Namaha (bowing to your power) Om Sri Maha Lakshmiyai Namaha (invoking abundance) Om Shanti Om (invoking peace) as examples. But never underestimate the profoundness of the Om. Bask in the Om. Chant it aloud, Whisper it and take it internal. And then listen for your own internal sound uncovered under the chatter.


The Warrior


The warriors tame

The Beasts in their past.

So that the nights hoofs

Can no longer break the jeweled vision 

In the heart. 


The Intelligent and the brave

Open every closet to the future and evict

All the mind's ghosts who have the bad habit

Of barfing everywhere.


For a long time the Universe

Has been germinating in your spine.


But only a Pir has the talent,

The courage to slay

The past-giant, the future anxieties.


The warrior

Wisely sits in a circle

With other men

Gathering the strength to unmask




Sits, giving,

Like a great illumined planet on

The Earth.


- Hafiz


The Power of the Om

Posted by Lisa on September 30, 2011 at 3:15 PM

Not sure how to start meditating? Here is a simple yet powerful technique. Seated comfortably on the floor or a chair, touch your hands together at the heart and bow down to your beautiful life, to all of your gifts. Then bring your thumb and index fingers to touch and rest the backs of your hands on your knees. Deepen your eyes in their sockets, relax the muscles of your face, release your jaw and let your tongue soften. Surrender your body and your mind to a deeper presence. Follow your breath as it moves through you for a few moments and then on the exhale sound Om out loud and follow the sound to its silence, pause and repeat for 15 minutes or more or whatever time you have. You can also change to whispering the Om and then to internally chanting the Om. When you feel yourself at peace, your mind quiet or you begin to hear the inner sound, nada, let go of Om and be present to the space, sound or energy within you. The Om is a vehicle to the divine. Enjoy the ride. Yoga Sutra 1-27 Tasya Vacakah Pranavah, The word expressive of Ishvara(Universe/God) is the mystic sound Ommmm.

Gettin Funky

Posted by Lisa on April 9, 2011 at 2:43 PM

Welcome Spring! So happy to see you.

I have been using my practice to transition into Spring from Winter. Cleansing, warming, making space in my hips, heart and mind for creation to bloom. But sometimes, you need to take it to another level to release your patterned thinking that holds you back from embodying powerful creative divine forces, that holds you back from your creative potential. One fun way to find freedom, is to sing, dance and shake off your fears. Face the world with a wink and a laugh and swaying hips. And that's just what we did today at the 11AM class at Westchester Yoga Arts. Our joyful journey was soundtracked by Sly and the Family Stone, Parliament, James Brown and Stevie. Thanks for dancing with me, my sweet friends.


If God invited you to a party and said,


Everyone in the ballroom tonight will be my special guest,


How would you then treat them when you arrived.


Indeed, Indeed!


And Hafiz knows there is noone in the world


who is not upon


His Jeweled Dance Floor.