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Embracing the Darkness

Posted by Lisa on December 12, 2012 at 9:50 AM

As we shift into the winter season, its easy to want to run from the cold dark days and fill ourselves with activities and stimulation. However, this is a wonderful time to really look inside using your inner vision. Take a few moments or more to sit or even lie down to breathe and listen, use a mantra and listen. When you feel your mind quiet just be, when it gets active go back to a mantra...Om perhaps or even Peace or Love....Start this in the morning and then take meditation breaks of a few moments throughout the day. This will help you to reconnect to your spirit. You will be as the lotus flower, digging its roots deep into the earth and nourishing itself in order to reach and grow and bloom up to the light. This is a time to get closer to the mystery of life. Then, amidst the holiday busyness we can share with others true PEACE from within.


Do not go to the garden of flowers!

O friend! go not there;

In your body is the garden of flowers.

Take your seat on the thousand petals of the lotus

And  there gaze on the Infinite

Beauty.  (Kabir)


Peace Out and Happy Holidays!

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