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Mantra and Asana-Moving to Bliss!

Posted by Lisa on August 8, 2016 at 3:05 PM


 Namaste and Happy Summertime to You! I am excited to start sharing some video blogs that were interviews I had with my teacher, Russill Paul. Today's topic: How did this connection between mantra and movement happen to me and why do it? For me this was a natural progression that all serves to open me to my divine light within and with the super magical power around me. I started sounding and moving about 5 years ago with vowels and motion, with seed syllables and motion and with forward bending and devotional chanting. The combination served to link me to my truth in deeper ways. The sound hightened the power of the movement and vice versa. I have always felt deeply moved by sound. In the video I talk about an experience I had as a child at maybe 8 years old having a spiritual experience listening to music. I had a mystical journey inward. It just happened without any effort, just surrendering to the sound. I couldn't put this experience into words at the time but embraced its power. As a teacher of yoga, I have always encorporated breathing, chanting and asana into my practice and teaching. Asana, always helps me release built up tension in my body and tap into freedom but when I couple it with sound I can tap into subtle but powerful energy in a deep way. This is what I call Sonic Bliss Yoga. I like to think of it as a BLISS SANDWICH!! Mantra helps my mind free up in order to stay in the now and experience the utter and complete joy of being alive! Asana helps my physical body free up, mantra helps my mind free up. The power of them together is electric as I am thrust into the present moment, letting things come and go and bowing to the blessings each moment affords. Chant and move, friends! Find the combination that works for YOU. What frees YOU up to experience the mystery of life?? Throughout the website I share videos for you to check out. And in the members section, I will continue to post short practice videos to join me on this Sonic Bliss Yoga journey. Jai!!

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