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Calm Within The Storm

Posted by Lisa on November 17, 2016 at 12:05 AM

Namaste Friends,

How can we keep peace within when the world is being turned upside down, when the country and friends and family seem to be in a deep division? After my initial reactions to the elections, I find myself drawing inward more. First, I have to find my center, my connection to Ultimate Reality and then I can take that connection outward. At the basis of the yoga practice is the tenant that we are all sparks of divine light, it is this spark, this luminosity that we all share. Even when hate is being spewed, there is a light underneath. It's trying to shine but its so clouded: with hate, mistrust, fear and the list goes on.

I have thought about things I have never considered and about people that sadly have been left behind in this country. How can this even be when the country has so much wealth? I actually am not sure the President Elect's policy's will help these people but now I think about how I can. How can I be of service to these people and others? This is a call to action for me. To dedicate myself to healing lives, helping others, AND standing up for what I believe is right. 

But what I needed and what I continue to need is to come within, every day, every single day, multiple times a day, to remind myself that I can rest in the ground of all existance.  I am part of the universal light of love. To help remind ourselves of this, I am posting an 8 minute video on my members page that is part of my hour long video called "Yoga + Mantra = Sonic Bliss Yoga." In it we go through a series of movements with mantras to ground us into the sacred earth and then flow like water with what we have been given. 

Click HERE to go to the members page, sign up to be a member for free and get the 8 minute video and another free video download on the power of Om.

At first, my reaction was through the filter of anger. Now, my actions will be through the filter of love. When you put out hate, hate comes back to you. Your words carry energy. As I relearn these lessons, I pray that my elected leaders in government do the same or I will be resisting powerfully but lovingly. Namaste and Om.

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