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Breath, Mantra and Asana. It's all within you!

Posted by Lisa on September 29, 2017 at 2:05 PM

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How does the breath relate to mantras. As I say in the video, I beleive that these powerful sounds and planes of existance are all within us and get expressed into the world through the vehicle of the breath. Just like when we express a yoga pose, we areletting that unfold from the many shapes contained within our bodies.

I am taking a wonderful course on Indian Philosophy right now with Dr. Jeffery Long. After delving into the first books of the Vedas, we can see how all of the eternal truths expressed remain in all of the subsequent books but the wisdom blossoms like a seed that has been nourished. The idea of the Vedas containing all of the truths that then get unpacked through the Vedanta period really resonates with me. I feel that on a spiritual level truth exists and we are constantly diving in and trying to comprehend it more deeply by approaching it from many different angles.

This truth exists within you as well. It is unchanging. All of these practices help you to make manifest the eternal truths within. On the other hand, it's very hard to use the finite (words) to describe the Infinite. At the most profound level, all practices lead you to silence. 

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