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Root Chakra Meditation

Posted by Lisa on October 12, 2017 at 11:45 AM

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Here I share with you a meditation video to help you ground down and release anxiety through work with the first chakra. It was orginally made for our chakra retreat attendees.

I often worry or get anxious when I feel like I can't control something. I'm a control freak! Hahaha! I want to make everything happen but life doesn't work that way. Life requires our effort but it also begs for surrender. It's like a dance. If I place a foot forward, I know there will be some kind of response in the universe. Life asks us to take our steps and then surrender and open our hearts to the response. 

In this video you will learn a simple seed syllable that can help you connect to the ground of all being and realize that you are connected and supported. We are supported by people around us and by energy around us. If we can surrender to the energy around us, we will realize that we are held up.

You are always held in LOVE.

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