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The Luck of Lakṣmī

Posted by Lisa on March 19, 2021 at 4:00 PM

“You've Got To Ask Yourself One Question: 'Do I Feel Lucky?' Well, Do Ya, Punk?” 


Lakṣmī (luck shmii)


Her form is of a radiant soul beauty, clothed in red while sitting on and holding lotuses. she bestows abundance in the world for those she looks upon while reminding us of our transcendent nature.

She displays a downturned left palm, that gives worldly gifts while the right hand is in gñāna mudra, calling us to awaken to divine wisdom. In some images, she has one foot touching the earth, grounding us in this world with the other foot tucked in the lotus calling us to the yogic path. Lakṣmī calls to you and me to live fully in the magic of this world while being awakened to that which is beyond.

In one beautiful story, Lakṣmī is born from the churning of the ocean in an effort to make amṛtā, the nectar of life. The churning comes from the light and dark forces of the universe that makes way for the emergence of radiant life. YOUR radiant life!

This year we have all felt the churning, the squeezing, the Universal Mother saying, “Change is NOW!”.

 As Hafiz says through the amazing words of Daniel Ladinsky, in The Gift:

“God wants to manhandle us,

Lock us inside of a tiny room with Himself

And practice His dropkick.”

Like me, a yoga teacher and mom, your life has definitely been churned, kicked and turned upside down this year. I am sure you have learned things along the way. But the time is NOW to put those lessons into action. You have had to let go of some things, yes, BUT NOW taste the nectar of the churning and let it lead you to what fulfills you in this life and the beyond.

What will be your new adventures professionally and personally?

Share your ideas below to start the ball rolling. Let’s have a discussion!

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