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Earth Goddess

Posted by Lisa on April 23, 2021 at 3:35 PM

Happy Earth Week! Let’s talk about an earth goddess to awaken our relationship to the earth and then create a simple ritual to support our healing intentions.


The goddess Bhuvaneswari is considered sarvarupa…the form of everything. She is the spaceholder and the energy of it taking form.


Her name means Goddess of the Universe or Earth and is said to be ruler over the first three realms represented in the Vyaariti Mantras


Bhuḥ - earth

Bhuvaḥ - atmosphere

Suvaḥ - sky/space


This year I have been doing more contemplation on how I can support the earth while living on the planet. It seems like the earth gives me so much and I continue to take.


The entire system of yoga is, in essence, a relationship.


The oldest written words of Sanskrit of the Ṛg Veda gives us mantras for rituals to support all of the mystical beings who care for the earth.


In Tantra, there is an understanding that we are part of a whole and part of each other. We understand this within the mantra “So Haṃ” I am that. We are both a drop in the ocean and the ocean in one drop.


In Bhakti yoga, we call out to the Divine to give love and devotion. We recognize our relationship as lovers. “The eye through which you see God is the same eye through which God sees you.”


You can see through the strife of the past year where we as humans want to blame each other for the wrongs in the world. The past year has taught me that recognizing my wrongdoings and then taking action in the world is the only way to affect change.


We are the earth. As long as she is sick, we are sick.


Here is a simple ritual to open to the earth element and embrace actions to take.





  • Bring one hand to touch earth and have the other hand touch your heart and call forth your intention or dedication. And ask that it be manifested on earth and for grace to assist you every step of the way.
  • Take 10 long slow breaths. During this breath, imagine you are taking the pain and illness out of the earth on the inhale and sending out love and healing not he exhale. You could think, breath in pain, breathe out love. Or breathe in darkness breathe out light.
  • Come to sit upright and be still.
  • Take some kaphalabhati breathing to move any stuck energy. This is where you have a sharp exhale through the nose and the inhale just happens through the nose.
  • Stand, Repeat the mantras and stomp your feet for 5 minutes:


Om Bhuhu - earth


Om Bhuvaha - atmosphere


Om Suvaha - sky/space

  • Sit in stillness and ask yourself how you contribute to polluting the earth and what actions can you take to help.
  • Journal what comes up and set an intention to to take the actions.


What came up for you? (I will be bringing my own containers and mugs to coffee shops and bringing my own bags to the grocery store amongst other things. Reducing plastic use is at the top of my list.) What about you?

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