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The Power of the Om

Posted by Lisa on September 30, 2011 at 3:15 PM

Not sure how to start meditating? Here is a simple yet powerful technique. Seated comfortably on the floor or a chair, touch your hands together at the heart and bow down to your beautiful life, to all of your gifts. Then bring your thumb and index fingers to touch and rest the backs of your hands on your knees. Deepen your eyes in their sockets, relax the muscles of your face, release your jaw and let your tongue soften. Surrender your body and your mind to a deeper presence. Follow your breath as it moves through you for a few moments and then on the exhale sound Om out loud and follow the sound to its silence, pause and repeat for 15 minutes or more or whatever time you have. You can also change to whispering the Om and then to internally chanting the Om. When you feel yourself at peace, your mind quiet or you begin to hear the inner sound, nada, let go of Om and be present to the space, sound or energy within you. The Om is a vehicle to the divine. Enjoy the ride. Yoga Sutra 1-27 Tasya Vacakah Pranavah, The word expressive of Ishvara(Universe/God) is the mystic sound Ommmm.

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