Sonic Bliss Yoga?

Awakening your Inner Radiance


Quotes Lisa and I do yoga mostly on Skype . She is an excelent teacher. It feels completely natural how she flows though the Oms, breathing and poses. Even over the Internet she makes corrections, gives instruction and demonstates it all so fantastically. I highly recommend Lisa as a yoga instructor! Quotes
Cliff Hackford
Drummer, tabla player , producer

Quotes Lisa 's guidance, voice, and love is a gift to all who share in her practice. Quotes
Donna Vought
Yoga student and Kirtan participant

Quotes Lisa is a patient, knowledgeable and compassionate teacher. She is spiritual and soulful, strong and flexible, a talented musician, a singer of beautiful songs, a reader of lovely poetry and she somehow brings all of these wonderful things together to create a very special practice, which both challenges as well as nurtures, according to the need. Lisa has guided me through many changes over the past four years of my life, both physical and emotional and I am healthier in both mind and body for the time we have spent with one another during our sessions. She is a rare and precious gem. The total yoga package and a truly giving person. I am so thankful for having found her! Quotes
Private Student

Quotes the music was lovely, Lisa's voice, wonderful, loved that it was well-attended, Ken's drumming and piano, terrific Quotes
Kirtan participant

Quotes I loved Lisa?s voice, her temperament, nice balance of serious but not too, and I liked Ken and his musicality, both of them seemed talented musically which added a really nice dimension. Really nice space as well, light, nice size - feel a sense of community but have space for yourself as well. Quotes
Kirtan participant