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Namaste! I explore the full scope of sound in yoga practice through a variety of traditions often coupled with ecstatic yoga movement. I would love to bring Sonic Bliss Yoga™ to your area.

See upcoming events below.  CLICK HERE to see all of my workshop offerings and Sanskrit for Teacher Trainings.  CLICK HERE to book an event at your studio.

Playtime with My Little Yogi 

Saturdays, 10:30-11:15AM

six week series on Saturdays

October 13th-November 17th

Satsang Yoga Studio

235 E. Broad St., Westfield, NJ Click HERE to sign up!

Join with Lisa on a magical yoga adventure with your little one. 

Children ages 2-5 will use props—like balls, scarves, pinwheels and pom-poms—to build strength, flexibility, and self-confidence through play through a mix of poses, games, storytelling, art and music to teach children to release the sillies and find the calm. 

Yoga encourages play together while providing children with an opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment. It’s also an excellent way to learn healthy physical and mental habits that can be practiced for a lifetime!

Led by Lisa Ferraro who has been teaching kids and family yoga for 8 years from outdoor yoga at Wave Hill in the Bronx to yoga studios and libraries in NJ. Come play yoga!

Sanskrit for Spiritual Practice

Shape Energy with Prāṇāyāma & Mudras

For Yoga Teacher Trainees and Practitioners

Honor Yoga, East Brunswick, NJ

Saturday October 21st, 1:30-4:30PM

Email if interested

Discover the significance of the language of Sanskrit in the practice of Yoga. In day one, we will delve into the sound and meaning of Om and its symbol as a spiritual practice. We will experience the points of vibration in our palate and our bodies as you learn to chant and write the Sanskrit vowels and consonants. Bring your favorite pen and a journal to experience likhita japa as we draw and sound the letters. This learning will culminate in a unique Tantric practice to stimulate the throat chakra, opening us to our true voice.

Explore the basic meanings of the lines and dots:) or transliteration in English so we can begin chanting many popular mantras with the most precise pronunciation to squeeze out all the juice of the sound. We will explore Vedic and Tantric mantras as well as kirtan chants from the Bhakti tradition and feel the different energy evoked from each style of chanting. The asana names will be practiced so that teachers and yoga practitioners can connect more deeply to the essence of the poses. 

Explore breathing exercises and how they effect your energy and consciousness. We will also employ various hand and body mudras to further shape the energy coupled with the breath or with sound!!

Finally, we will end with a short meditation and deep rest in silence.

Pranayama and Mudras: How to shape Energy

The Path of Bhakti

For Yoga Teacher Trainees and Practitioners

Honor Yoga, East Brunswick, NJ

Saturday October 21st, 4:30-7PM

Email if interested

Learn about the energy lines in the body and how to utilize them for optimal effect calling upon breath exercises and special hand gestures or seals of energy. Learn ways to have more energy, soothe yourself to sleep, cool down, open your heart to love, tune into internal power and more.

Learn about the path of Bhakti through historical context as well as bask in the teachings of The Bhagavad Gita and The Narada Bhakti Sutras. And then, chant kirtan to join your voices and hearts in this powerful practice of yoga.

Storytime Yoga

Next series starts in January 17-February 21


Cranford Public Library, Walnut Ave., Cranford, NJ

Storytime Yoga 

Tuesdays once a month 


Linden Library

Go on a yoga adventure each week with your toddler 2-5 years old. We will weave storytelling and books throughout the series.