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Namaste! I explore the full scope of sound in yoga practice through a variety of traditions often coupled with ecstatic yoga movement. I would love to bring Sonic Bliss Yoga™ to your area.

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Chakra Power

OneNest Yoga Studio, 1421 Irving St., Rahway , NJ

2 1/2 Hour Workshop
Saturday Oct. 5th 1-3:30PM
Instructor: Lisa Ferraro

Who is this workshop for?
Both yoga teachers and students interested in deepening their yoga practice and learning about how to access their personal power. Chakra work is helpful to find balance in your body, mind, and energy. Great for anyone with low energy or who need to find ways to ground down and feel centered.

You will learn:
The attributes associated with each chakra and how to balance the energy within each one.
How to experience the energy within each chakra through sound, movement, and meditation.
The essential oils that balance each chakra.
How to unleash your power as well as how to access a deep peace
* Get ready to create and take home your own personalized Chakra Mist with essential oils to help balance yourself on the go!

*Bring a notebook and pen for journaling. Wear comfortable clothes to move in.

What are chakras? The chakras are wheels of energy that make up your subtle or energy body. There are many chakras in the body but there is a traditional focus on the 7 main chakras that align with the spine and nervous system. Each chakra governs different energy and physiology in the body.


$50 in advance
$55 day of
(50% non-refundable if canceled within 24 hours)

Nada Yoga Workshop

Bhakti Barn Yoga

391 Millburn Ave., Millburn, NJ

October 6th, 12-4:30PM

Come join me in practices originating from 500 BC!!

Feel your connection to the Universal, heal and release stress through the power of sound vibration! Learn and experience a powerful and unique breathing exercise called "bhramari" for centering and expansiveness. 

Chant the parts of Om to take you deeper into consciousness by leading to silence. Sing Indian scales or "ragas" as a spiritual practice to feel the energy in tones and intervals. Explore listening meditations to take you into inner nada, listening for internal sound. Release completely in savasana to the sounds of singing bowls moving into silence.

Sound can put you in touch with all things as all things vibrate and sound is vibration. Allow yourself to surrender to a journey within fueled by the power of sound.

Investment: $150

Lisa Shakti Ferraro, ERYT200 of Sonic Bliss Yoga™ is an ecstatic devotional singer, harmonium playing musician and a mantra-chanting yogini. She loves to connect with the divine and to awaken others to their inner radiance. Lisa's yoga practice was transformed with her first class at Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio. She then completed a 200 hour certification with Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Trixie Flynn at Laughing Lotus NY. She is also certified to teach kids and prenatal yoga. She has been studying Sanskrit, mantra and nada yoga with her mentor, Russill Paul privately and in his Yogic Mystery School and is always lit up to teach the power of the language of Sanskrit for spiritual practice. Lisa, who also performs as an actress and singer, holds a BA in Music from Westminster Choir College and chants with her band, Sonic Bliss Kirtan.