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Nāda Yoga

The word "nāda" can mean a loud sounding, droning or rushing. All of the practices contained in the tradition of Nāda Yoga use sound as a method to rediscover your connection to the Universal. It is in uncovering this inner sound that you hear the vibration that is always present. It is a clue pointing you in the direction of the mystery.

The earliest practices of Nāda Yoga date back to 500BC with deep listening meditations to sounds within you. But in the past few hundred years the practice of using scales with the syllables of SARGAM, the Indian system of syllables assigned to notes in a scale, came to be practiced. I had a beautiful experience with this practice quite accidentally while in a voice lesson singing scales many years ago. While practicing ascending and descending a musical scale I was transported to what felt like another plane of existence, like I was looking into the depths of the universe.

It wasn't until years later that I understood that singing scales can be used as a spiritual practice to balance internal energy and emotions and to transform our consciousness. You can feel the vibration of the tones in your body as well as the vibration created through the tension between the notes or the interval in between the notes. This works on our energetic or chakra system.

Make a commitment this week to sing a simple scale daily in a key that works for you or if you aren't so musically inclined sing a note and pay attention to where you feel that note vibrating. You could sing a low note, a medium high note and a high note and compare where you feel the vibration within. Then, sit in silence and let your attention come to your inner ears listening to any inner sounds. Let me know what you discover!

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