Sonic Bliss Yoga

Empowering yoga teachers & practitioners to connect to their true voice through Mantra & Movement!


Energize, Learn, Awaken Radiance!

Energizing and instructive, these workshops leave you rejuvenated and carrying with you new tools in which to empower YOU in your everyday life. Attend a workshop to immerse yourself in the healing power of sound and movement with a strong focus on tapping your own inner radiance and bringing that out into your body and smile.

For when the heart tastes its glorious destiny

And you awake to our constant need

For your love

God's lute will beg For your Hands.

                                                                                  from The Gift, Poems By Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky


Sonic Bliss Yoga™- Awaken Your Inner Radiance

Sonic Bliss Yoga™ is a blissful awakening to your true Self and to the radiance within and around you. This unique approach utilizes powerful mantras as well as devotional chanting and joyful sacred yoga movement to free your spirit and empower you in every way! Experience the devotional power of combining the sonic traditions of Bhakti chanting, Tantric mantras, Vedic mantras and Nada Yoga and set your spirit FREE! Come prepared to move, sing, embody your power and bow to grace.

Chakra Dance Sing Cleanse

Uncover hidden energy and unleash your power as we stimulate and unblock the chakras through sound and movement. The chakras are energy centers that make up your subtle body. In this workshop, we will learn about each chakra followed by a physical practice using Tantric sounds, devotional chanting and vedic chanting coupled with asana to truly release our power within. Then, we will bask in that power with meditation on inner sound and a blissful savasana. We will also learn which essential oils balance each chakra. Get ready to create your own Chakra Mist with essential oils to help balance yourself on the go!

Bhakti Blast

Explore your heart energy with soulful vinyasa and sound! Enjoy vinyasa yoga to live music that pours right into a kirtan. We will explore the path of Bhakti Yoga or devotion through poetry and the BHAKTI SUTRAS and how we can express devotion with our bodies through devotional movement and with our voices through chanting. Let's come together with Lisa and her band, Sonic Bliss Kirtan leading you to melt open your heart and fall in love with LOVE Featuring Dave Tillistrand on guitar and bass, Cliff Hackford on tabla and Lisa Ferraro on vocals and harmonium.

Sanskrit for Spiritual Practice

For Yoga Teacher Trainees and Practictioners

Discover the significance of the language of Sanskrit in the practice of Yoga. In day one, we will delve into the sound and meaning of Om and its symbol as a spiritual practice. We will experience the points of vibration in our palate and our bodies as you learn to chant and write the Sanskrit vowels and consonants. Bring your favorite pen and a journal to experience likhita japa as we draw and sound the letters. This learning will culminate in a unique Tantric practice to stimulate all of the chakras as we chant the entire alphabet.

In day two we will explore the basic meanings of the lines and dots:) or transliteration in English so we can begin chanting many popular mantras with the most precise pronunciation to squeeze out all the juice of the sound. We will explore Vedic and Tantric mantras as well as kirtan chants from the Bhakti tradition and feel the different energy evoked from each style of chanting. The asana names will be practiced so that teachers and yoga practitioners can connect more deeply to the essence of the poses. Finally, we will have a little basic harmonium lesson to support your studies and end with a short meditation and deep rest in silence.

* Can be presented over 1 or 2 day period depending upon your studio's time frame. Can also be offered in a shorter workshop format.

Nada Yoga

Come join me in practices originating from 500 BC!! The most ancient nada or sound yoga practices involve listening meditations to outer sounds and inner sounds and special breathing exercises. We will also chant the parts of Om to take you deeper into consciousness as well as sing Indian scales as a spiritual practice to feel the energy of the intervals between the notes. Sound can put you in touch with all things as all things vibrate and sound is vibration. We are then led through a heart melting shavasana to singing bowls and eventually to silence, the space beyond sound.