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Online Courses


Complimentary Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers Mini Course

Love the sound of Sanskrit but afraid to even try to speak it or use it in a yoga class? (As I was when I first heard it!) I got you! Let's start at the beginning and learn how to place the sounds. Then, you will learn all about Om and how to work with it's 3 Sanskrit sounds to empower you AND your students! 

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The Mantras of Sūrya Namaskāra Course

In this 8 week course, I will teach you the ritual movements of the sun salutation, a full body prayer to the power of the sun. You will get adaptations for your body to make it accessible. Coinciding with the movements, we will be learning simple yet powerful seed syllable mantras from the Tantric tradition as well as ancient mantras from the Vedic tradition. These will blend with our devotion to create a ritual we can offer in the morning as well as the evening to connect us back to our inner light, our source, our Truth.

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