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The Power of Your Voice

Durga is the fortress, the Invincible One, the warrior goddess. She harnesses the power of a lion or a tiger and rides that harnessed wild & fierce energy. She is your fiercest self. YOU are THAT!


From the mythic stories, Durga was born in a time of great turmoil from the joining of all the creative forces of all the Gods. She then destroyed the demon, Mahishasura and the world was restored to order.


She is your fierce voice.


As I reflect on this time of separation, I realize that I have been unable to exchange my outer voice with others freely.


With the necessity of Zoom we have gotten used to the questions, “Do you hear me?” “Are you there?” And…”You’re muted!!” Haha!


So, I have spent some time listening to my inner voice in the cave of my heart. And I heard and saw why I thought my voice didn’t matter or wasn’t important or would be disruptive. I learned in affect, to be silent.


By having this time apart, it seems as if we have been called to reassess our core values, our purpose, our path or dharma in this world. and ask ourselves at our deepest level, “What do I want?”


To do this work of getting clear to hear your inner voice, you may hear echoes of past voices. Pain may bubble up. It is a great time to journal. Write down the voices from the past, those things that are sticking around that don’t reflect the truth of the now.


Lisa Ann Land by Lisa Ferraro


I am from Tuesday Taylor’s Townhouse,

From Love’s Baby Soft, Aqua Net and “Gravy” not Sauce.


I am from 5 kids in one room but sometimes tomatoes in the backyard.


From disfunction, adult tantrums, a lack of money

And an abundance of love.


From tight throated screaming and big belly laughs.


From Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!


I am from giant sunflowers reaching beyond the fence like beanstalks.


I’m from Anne and Pete, From Christmas Eve parties for Gina and Jesus. From arguing, making up & holding each other up.


I’m from Ferraros and Oliveris, from Roselle Park, NJ, Croatia and Avelino, Italy.


From church singing, Father Loreti and peace be with you.


I’m from homemade sausage and macaroni on Sundays.


From the time a letter reached me at my Westminster Choir College mailbox from my 10 year old brother, Matthew that said,


“How are you? I am thinking of you.”


I am from sacrifice. fear, math, music, broken hearts, risks


And just so much love.




Embrace where you have come from first. It is foundational to understanding what blocks your path. When triggers come up, you can bow to them and say, “I have a new way. Thanks.” Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t and that’s ok! You will be more aware and able to take the next step.


As I have listened deeper, I encourage you to listen deeper. Sit and listen. Ask yourself, What do you want? What is your inner voice telling you? Listen to that faint whisper as it gets louder and louder. In challenging times, touch back on this deepest intention, deepest desire as you remind yourself that You are that. Tat Tvam Asi.


Another wonderful practice to embrace your warrior voice is to repeat the seed syllable for Durga which is Dum! Repeat it aloud, whispered and then silently for 5-10 minutes daily or whenever you feel the need to reach down deep to find the courage to speak your truth.


Or use her full mantra:


Om Dum Durgayai Namaha


I bow down to the warrior goddess within me that sits with my pain and comes through with a roar!

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