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Mother Yourself, Heal Yourself

Have you ever had a rebirth in your being that gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to everything? It’s an awakening or a reawakening. It’s a big aha moment!

I recently had this happen. I had a deeper understanding of a habit that I fall into…you know, again and again. Without even realizing it:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung


For my awakening to happen, I had to have someone brave enough to point it out when it happened, then I had to take actions to heal the root cause of this habit. And I had to sit with my discomfort. 

Since that moment of awakening, I have been very aware of this pattern. When it comes up, it actually makes me angry to not just go with it. Hahaha! Maybe because now I have to deal with it. But I know that when I do this, healing can happen.

I have been practicing a ritual that I learned from my mentor, Russill Paul called Ṣoḍaśa Upacāra. He has been guiding me to use it as a container for healing the sacred feminine. It is a very beautiful practice.

In it, there is a blessing of water, where you chant to the sacred rivers in India. It begins the healing process through cleansing and blessing us as we prepare for the awakening of consciousness as pure spiritual wisdom.

Schedule some time daily to work toward this intention of healing actively, whether that is 5 minutes or an hour.

Let me help by watering your intention with a special mantra invoking 10 sacred rivers in India from the ancient Vedic period. You can use this mantra to purify water and any space in which you practice.

Simple Ritual:

• Snap your fingers 8 times aorund your head to clear negative energy

• Join your palms and set a healing intention.

• Clasp your fingers together, extending your index and middle finger into a bowl of water. 

• Listen to the mantra in the video blog. 

• Sprinkle the water around your space, your altar and on yourself.

• Sit in meditation or repeat a mantra or have a physical practice. Do what you need in the moment!

• Palms together with an Om to conclude

It will be a beautiful start to your day and clear the path for healing.

Share with us how this simple ritual works for you and what you have added to make it personal! 

You and I come from pain and trauma as well as from courage and love. Let’s find a healing path forward.

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