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Saraswati & the Wisdom Within

Out of the navel of Viṣṇu comes Brahma, the creator, who is tasked with beginning the universe. He creates 7 beings called The Prajapatis and he tells them to get to work to create the entire universe. They are all male beings. They ask…”well, how do we do this??

At that point a voice wells up from within Brahma and says, you created only male beings, you must create female beings. While hearing the voice he envisions a being that is 1/2 man and 1/2 woman within him, the balance of 2 primal energies. He realizes he has only acknowledged half.


From the mouth of Brahma, the first female is born who is at first called Ushas, the daughter of the dawn, the light of knowledge. (which then later fuses into our understanding of Saraswati, she who flows, the flow of wisdom.)


Through Brahma’s desire for wisdom(can you relate?..the need to know the answers) coupled with his desire for union, he becomes obsessed with Ushas. She, in turn, transforms herself into all different creatures to hide from him..thus the beasts of the earth begin to be created:)


Brahma’s lust for wisdom and to join is a great lesson. Ushas is within him ALREADY. He doesn’t need to possess her because she is him.


Finally, Brahma causes such a disturbance running after her that Shiva steps in and pins Brahma to the heavens. Brahma then has an ah-ha moment: I have to work in partnership, I must join forces. It is at this point that he calls Ushas “Saraswati” and they join together to create the universe.


What you seek is within. The knowledge is within you. Join all the forces inside and jump onboard your natural wisdom. Give yourself time to be silent and just listen.


Here is a simple technique to get there. Aim is the seed syllable for Saraswati.



• Sit in a comfortable seat, a chair is fine but have your feet flat on the floor, tall spine.

• Be still, feel the natural flow of your breath.

• Repeat the sound Aim aloud, whispered and then silently on the exhale for 5-10 minutes.

• Pause after each mmmm sound and listen for a response.

• Finally sit in silence and see what comes up. Be a witness.



Let me know how your Saraswati exploration goes for you. You have all the spiritual wisdom right inside. Listen to her calling you. Listen to YOU calling you.

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